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Welcome to the Institute of Regulation website

Regulation is the management of complex systems (such as financial services, utility markets, trading standards, education and health), according to clear rules and the law.

Regulators apply rules fairly and consistently to balance two goals: to protect consumers and users of services, and to support business innovation and public service improvement.

The Institute of Regulation develops and promotes good practice, learning and development in regulation. We are the professional network for those working in and/or interested in regulation. 

We believe that good regulation holds the key to public organisational effectiveness and social and economic prosperity.

We aim to bring sector-specific knowledge sharing for best practices and improved value, and provide a framework for policy innovation, collaboration and improved public services.


"The institute is a true home for those of us that are passionate about regulation."

James Creasey, Ofqual

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The Institute of Regulation was establised in 2021 to provide resources and a professional network for everyone working in and/or interested in regulation.


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