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Helping you respond to the Smarter Regulation Programme (Online Session)

  • 16 Nov 2023
  • 14:00 - 15:00
  • Zoom

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The Rt Hon Kemi Badenoch MP recently launched a 12 week call for evidence to support a review of regulators. Supporting ‘Smarter Regulation’, the review seeks evidence from business, consumers and regulators.

The Institute of Regulation would like to help members and non-members in shaping your responses.

We’re offering all regulators in the UK and Channel Islands the opportunity to participate in an online member meeting 14 – 15.00 hrs, Thursday 16 November and exclusively for IoR members, an in-person session in central London, 13 – 15.00 hrs, Friday 8 December, held under the Chatham House rule.


In September 2023, the UK Government published guidance on a Better Regulation Framework, setting out some principles to manage the flow of regulations post-Brexit, with the aim of requiring policymakers to consider alternatives to regulation and considering more explicitly the impact of regulation on business.

The framework defines regulation as any provision which imposes or amends requirements, restrictions, conditions, standards or guidance, in relation to an activity by a business or voluntary body, or which relates to their compliance or enforcement.

All regulators are required to consider the framework in the way they work.

This guidance, and associated open consultations on matters such as price transparency for consumers, reforms to the Provisions of Services Regulations, furniture safety, product safety, and labelling on low-alcohol drinks, are all part of the UK Government's 'Smarter Regulation' policy, described in a policy paper released in May 2023.  

Points to consider

The Institute of Regulation would like to support members and non-members in developing their thinking and responses to the Government's approach on regulation.

Naturally, you will have your own views on these issues, but here are five questions which, among others, you may wish to consider:

1.      The Government appears focussed on reducing the burden of regulation on business to stimulate economic growth. What approach should regulators adopt in order systematically to identify and reduce such burdens? How might we expect other stakeholders to adapt in response?

2.      Regulation is also a protective mechanism to prevent harm and malpractice and to ensure there is a fair playing field on which to compete. How might regulators act strategically to ensure these functions are appropriately performed while reducing regulatory burdens?

3.      Much regulation is sector specific. How might sectoral regulators benefit from others and secure economies of scale by alignment where possible, without impacting statutory responsibilities.

4.      Is there a need for institutional developments - such as an Office of Regulation or a select committee in Parliament with oversight across all regulators - to ensure that all regulators can balance their responsibility to protect people from harm while allowing businesses and public services to thrive and grow?

  • 5.      What are your experiences of deploying ‘smart regulation’? What are your views on new or emerging regulatory practices elsewhere in the UK or internationally?

Ways to join this conversation

We’re offering all regulators in the UK and Channel Islands the opportunity to participate in an online meeting later this month Thursday 16th November and exclusively for IoR members, an in-person session Friday 8th December.

    You are most welcome to share your thoughts on these issues with us in advance of our upcoming sessions.

    Indeed, we encourage IoR members to share any suggestions on how we might support you during this period of review, please email


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