Introducing The Regulation Podcast

Welcome to The Regulation Podcast – helping you to understand what regulation is all about, what it’s all for and why it matters to you, to businesses, to organisations and to the public. 

Listen to our new podcast show packed full of insightful interviews with practitioners and academics, and energetic discussions on many aspects of regulatory theory and practice. Each new episode will be available to listen to on this page with links sent to all Institute members. 

Episode 4 – The Language of Regulation

In Episode 4, we are joined by Grant Pink, Managing Director at RECAP Consultants, and Author of the well-thumbed book “Navigating Regulatory Language: An A to Z Guide”, as he discusses:

  • What's the point of regulation?
  •  The difference between regulation, compliance and enforcement
  • "The Language of Regulation"

Episode 3 – Regulating Transport

In Episode 3, the Civil Aviation Authority's Policy and Strategy Director Tim Johnson discusses the complex world of aviation, focusing on:

  • The issues and current priorities within the CAA,
  • How to learn from international counterparts and,
  • The massive impact Covid has had on the global aviation sector.

Episode 2 – Regulating Education

In Episode 2, Ofsted’s Matthew Coffey and Ofqual’s Michael Hanton discuss:

  • The key issues facing the regulation of education including how regulation can accelerate education sector’ post Covid recovery,
  • The skills required to drive forward the regulation sector and,
  • The role of the Institute of Regulation in helping to share knowledge across the profession.

Episode 1 – The Power of Regulation

In Episode 1 of The Regulation Podcast, Founder of The Institute of Regulation and Chief Executive of Equality and Human Rights Commission, Marcial Boo, discusses:

  • The key issues facing the regulation sector including the role of modern Regulators and regulation in improving public services,
  • The skills required to drive forward the regulation sector and,
  • The Institute of Regulation’s role in helping to professionalise the sector.

The next episode of The Regulation Podcast is coming soon…

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