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Consultation on the licensing of non-surgical cosmetic procedures in England

13 Oct 2023 12:58 | Anonymous

Government is currently carrying out a short (8-week) consultation, setting out high level principles for the proposed regulation of listed non-surgical cosmetic procedures in England.

The consultation proposes a risk-based system, with local authority licensing required as a minimum for procedures presenting lower risks. For medium-risk procedures (such as the injection of toxins), oversight by a regulated healthcare professional is proposed alongside local authority licensing. Procedures with the highest risk of complications are proposed to be restricted to appropriately qualified and regulated healthcare professionals working from CQC-registered premises.

A number of stakeholders, including regulators and professional bodies, have been monitoring this area and active for some years on the need to improve public safety in relation to ‘high-street’ cosmetic procedures. Government has worked closely with stakeholders in developing the list of restricted procedures; proposals have the potential to significantly reduce public harm.

As these proposals are considered further and worked into detailed regulations, it will be important to ensure that any new regulatory arrangements are properly resourced, and for government to continue to consult further and work closely with cosmetic practitioners, service users and regulators to ensure a smooth and effective introduction.

The consultation will close on 28th October 2023.

For more information, please see the UK Government press release here: and the consultation here:

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